Thursday, April 23, 2015

What to do when the water runs out-Craig Macartney

Rating:**** This article provides several different ways to collect drinking water when you have ran out and are in a position for survival. What to do when the water runs out explains four different ways to collect water when you are in a situation of survival in almost any environment(not during winter). The first option "solar still" is to find an area with direct sunlight and foliage where you will dig a hole a meter deep and a meter wide. Place a bucket in the hole and cover the ground with plastic (Ex.tent groundsheet). Weigh down the plastic with rocks and slowly condensation droplets will roll down the plastic and into your container. The second and third option include tying a plastic bag to leaves. The fourth option is collecting dew in the morning with a cloth. This article made me think of how interesting it would be to try one of these water collections, especially the first option. Though, this article warned be about how I would never want to be in a real survival situation where that is the only way to receive drinking water. Last years hiking trip I found difficult only being able to refill our water bottles once we arrived at certain campsites, and I hope I never end up in a situation having those four options as my only water ressource. What to do when water runs out reminded me how excited I am for the canoe trip where I will have access to drinking water at almost all times.

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