Thursday, April 9, 2015

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Pet Owners Encouraged to put Specially-Made Cat Scrunchies on Their pets to Save Wildlife  
By: Cheryl Santa Maria
This quick and cute article is about cutting down your cats hunting on small animals and birds. In the article it explains the use of colourful scrunchies that are put around your cat’s neck, so that when they hunt, the bird or small animal has a better view of them and can run away. It explains that this easy fix has decreased the cat on bird violence by 54% and due to its bright colour and harmless shape, cats can’t figure out a way to cheat the system. Unlike the bell which the cat can break open and silence the bell. It might seem like a small issue but the death rate of birds from cats is a staggering 133 million per year. This has a bug impact on the birds, which has an impact on Canada’s wildlife and ecosystem.
I would recommend this article to any cat owner, because the number of bird deaths due to cats is quite high. I learned a lot from this article like how it is almost 100% cat fool proof because cats can’t figure out how to stop it. This article showed me that I need to think about my cats impact and how there is an option to change it.

Cheryl Santa Maria. "Pet owners encouraged to put specialty made cat scrunchies on their on their pets to save wildlife".  Mar 24 2015. Mar 25 2015.

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