Thursday, April 9, 2015

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Rating: ***
12 Pro Tip for Staying Warm in the Outdoors
By Michael Lanza
This article is a helpful guide to help you dress for winter and to control your body heat when doing winter activities. In the article it explains some helpful hints like not drinking freezing cold water, or carry extra articles of clothing. It also gives reasons why these tips help you. It explains how and why these tips can give you extra warmth.
I learned a lot of new things reading this article like how in the cold you become more dehydrated quickly, so drinking lots of can help with regulating your heat, and using sugar or butter can give you a quick boost of energy. I would recommend this article for someone who is looking for some helpful tips to keep warm.

Michael Lanza. "12 pro tips for staying warm in the outdoors". Jan 13 2013. Mar 2nd 2015

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