Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Discovering Canada’s Past In Our Parks

Discovering Canada’s Past In Our Parks
Bryen Dunn
Rating ****
Reviewed by Liam Meek

This article is an interesting read about how one can do more than sit in a trailer and watch tv in National and Provincial parks by exploring the rich history of the Canadian Wilderness.

The article starts out by discussing the newest National park, Parc National Du Lac-Témiscouata. This new park is home to over 30 archeological sites that are available to be explored with guided tours of the sites by archeologists. There are interesting exhibits in the parks discovery center telling of the tribes that inhabited the area over thousands of years. Also available are cycling paths, hiking trails, and canoe and kayak routes, the park offers many fun ways to explore Canada’s past. The other park mentioned is Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park in Ontario. This Park is situated along the Mattawa river which saw an important role in the fur trade and the birth of Canada. This park is more open than the last but that does not mean there is less to do. Canoe rides can be offered in an hour guided tour or a half day paddle in authentic northern canoes.

This article is very helpful in planning trips to these parks as it outlines the various activities that can be found around the parks. It also gives details about the accommodations they offer while exploring the area. The only criticism I will give is that the article seems geared more towards mainstream campers, therefore some of the parks may provide less of a challenge than what some may be looking for.

Overall I would recommend this article to those interested in camping and the History of Canada.

Dunn, Bryen, Discovering Canada’s Past in Our Parks, Aventura magazine, Vol 5,No 2, Summer 2013, Accessed April 1 2015

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