Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Article Assignment #2

Overnight and Multi-Day

Overnight and multi day trips can be very dangerous if you do not have the proper equipment for emergency survival situations. Proper overnight/multi day packing can be very helpful/useful if you ever encounter a certain situation where you are forced to have the will to survive, (even better if you have the proper equipment).

This article mainly focuses on the importance of the type of pack you should bring, (pockets, side pockets, light or heavy pack, spacing, ect). It suggests that you should bring a lightweight but large pack for overnights incase you do intend on hiking, (therefore, not making you tired). Should have enough space to be able to pack a lightweight backpacking tent, sleeping bag, clothing, food/water, ect. While hiking/backpacking you should consider wearing comfortable light hiking boots so you don't hurt your feet when carrying these items. Footwear tends to be very important, in order to avoid funguses, soreness, and to ensure that you have a comfortable walk. Before your hike, you should also predict and plan how the trip will go, where you will start and finish, and from that point on, you can plan out what you will also need for your trip.

Overall, I found this article was slightly helpful and made me reconsider on planning before a hiking trip. I wish it would have mentioned more details and specifics on certain stuff to bring and not just what you should use or do before a trip. All-in-all, it was a  decent article on backpacking. 

Devan Larkin

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