Thursday, April 2, 2015

DNR Investigating poaching of two bull elk in north-western Minnesota

              Two bull elk were hunted illegally in north western Minnesota. This area has been closed for hunting since 2012 due to the declining population of the elk herd. The elk had reportedly been shot and left there. The two elk were found while an aerial land survey was being conducted in February . One adult elk and one young elk were both found. The regional wildlife manager said " the discovery of the two dead bull elk is disturbing"  According to the recent count of bull elk in this herd there was only 18 elks estimated. The numbers of elk in this region have been declining since 2006. They are trying to sustain and grow the elk population in this area by keeping a close eye on them.

This article relates to our class because it involves following the rules of the outdoors. In our class we have to always be thinking and making sure we are not doing anything against wildlife laws. In the article it talks about people who broke the law by hunting illegally. When hunting just like in any other outdoor activity you need to be aware of the laws in the area. When we go on trips we are informed of all the rules and regulations in the area.

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