Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Most Intense, Nearly Impossible Adventure Race On The Planet
By: Dan Doak 
Rating : ****

The most intense, nearly impossible adventure race on the planet is a photo gallery with an article to describe each photo. The photos are taken by Mead Norton.

This article is about the most intense adventure race on the planet, which may also be nearly impossible to finish. The course based out of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, the total race is 350 miles (560 km). 78 miles of hiking, 173 miles of mountain biking, 84 miles of canoe and kayaking, 52 reams started the race but only 14 teams finished. The teams that participate get a half an hour to plan the first part of their route.

I liked how this article was able to show the beautiful landscapes, the amazing feats done by the racers, and the blood sweat and tears required to complete this race.

I recommend checking out the photos and reading the article, but watch out for number 14, its not for people with a weak stomach.

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