Thursday, April 9, 2015

Future of camping: Boris Issaev

Rating: ****

By: Brianna Griffin

The ted talk Future of Camping is informative and interesting. It wasn’t an extremely long video therefore, it was easy to watch and listen too.

The ted talk is about the future of camping and how the younger generation isn’t focusing on the outdoors, they are staying put inside with their electronics. The barriers of camping are a big part of this ted talk, the speaker mentions specific barriers such as; new experiences/new canadians, the need for comfort since most people rather stay home in a comfortable bed, no equipment since its too expensive, no transportation and no interest. The baby boomer generation is losing interest in camping and the other generations aren’t interested in the outdoors therefore, the number of people that are going camping has dropped throughout the years. Things that have increased are trail running, climbing, adventure racing etc. which, is good since people are looking for a challenge. Finally the speakers goal is to bring younger people out because studies show letting them experience the outdoors at a young age is beneficial.

I enjoyed this ted talk because it made me realize how our generation is getting lazy and we need to go outside and experience the outdoors which, is why I took outdoor ed. Also, the barriers of camping made me think about ways to overcome them, for example the barrier of having no interest when you just need to prepare physically and mentally.

I recommend watching this ted talk if you're interested in learning about the barriers for camping.

Boris Issaev. Future of Camping. TEDx Algonquin Park

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