Thursday, April 9, 2015

Learning to Love Trail Running

Learning to Love Trail Running
By:Deborah Wiles

The title of the article "Learning to Love Trail Running" speaks for itself.
The article provides you with mental and physical tips for you to create a love for running in the outdoors.
The article speaks about the difference in city street runs compared to trail running on city streets ,depending on the person they may chose to stay on the city street for their run to not dirty their shoes and all if well because they are getting both a physical workout and some fresh air.Contrairy to that the trail run proves you with fresh air and even more of a physical workout.
  Knowing how i feeling after hearing "trail running," as i think of going for a run without a destination in mind. Enjoying the fresh air and the physical health a run provides you with. 

The author speaks to us about the freedom and workout you get out of a trail run, however as 
Grant Heddon has said " it is a good idea to know the trail"  knowing you will not get lost and will have on idea of your way back home. 

"Trail running should be like when you were a kid.This is really why i do it.It makes me feel 10 again" said Grant Heddon. 
Running is all about adventure, not only are you having a great workout for more then just your core and legs but getting outside for some fresh air and seeing what else is out there to see.Being a kid again does not harm anyone or anything around you, just embrace it. 

"Learning to Love to Train Running " By:Debroah Wiles
Published in TrailSpecail magazine in 2010 

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