Friday, April 17, 2015

"Rock Climbing- Going Up the Walls!" By Tanya Tiessen

Rock Climbing-Going Up the Walls!
By Tanya Tiessen

Rating: ****

This article explains everything you need to know about rock climbing.

The author first explains that rock climbing is becoming more and more popular these days, and that it never hurts to try new things out. She then explains that rock climbing is both a physical sport and mental sport, as you have to use your muscles and think of where to place your hands and feet at the same time. There are two different types of rock climbing: indoor rock climbing (indoor rock gym) and outdoor rock climbing (cliffs, mountains, etc.) Even though indoor rock climbing and outdoor rock climbing are a bit different from each other, Tiessen explains that the skills you learn from indoor rock climbing (strength, endurance, power, flexibility, etc.) will definitely benefit you if you ever choose to outdoor rock climb. The author explains that climbing walls (indoors and outdoors) can be different lengths/heights and are at different levels of difficulty. Rock climbing requires strength, flexibility, endurance, and skill. You can start rock climbing at whatever athletic level you are at, and  will gain/improve these skills as you rock climb. You will also gain balance, coordination and mental concentration skills as you climb. Rock climbing is a great workout, as you will develop stronger arms, fingers,calves,core, and back strength from reaching and climbing.  Muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility are all included in rock climbing. Climbers who have gained strength from rock climbing beforehand will be more successful while trying to climb more difficult walls. This expert also explains that rock climbing makes you feel more confident and independent as you have to think both physically and mentally as an individual. The author explains that you must expect to have sore muscles and bones if you are a beginner to rock climbing. As a beginner, you will learn the safety of rock climbing. For example, tying proper knots, and how to properly use helmets and harnesses. The author strongly encourages readers to try rock climbing if they haven’t already done so, as it is a great experience!

This article makes me more excited to rock climb as I learned the many benefits of this sport. I already love rock climbing, and I am so excited to go again sometime. This article has made me think about how rock climbing can make my body and mind more stronger. It has also made me think about how I can strengthen my body in a variety of ways. It strengthens a person’s physical body and mind as well. This article has also made me think about how much I love this sport/activity!! From this article, I have learned that I can strengthen my body and have a ton of fun at the same time!! I have also learned that rock climbing is also a mental sport as well. This article has also taught me that indoor rock climbing can benefit you if you also rock climb outdoors. I have gone outdoor rock climbing before, and now I know that the indoor rock climbing that I have done since then can help me if I ever outdoor rock climb again. I have also learned from this article to expect to be sore the next few times I rock climb, as I do not go very often. I am now prepared! This article has inspired me to rock climb more. This is because I find it a very fun activity, and it also strengthen my muscles, and develops my mind more. The physical and mental strength I gain from rock climbing could benefit me for other things in life. This article has inspired me to get out and rock climb as much as I can, as it is a great experience, and is good for you too! This article has changed my way of thinking. I will now be more open to rock climbing more often. I also now realize that I can work out my body without even noticing, because I am having so much fun!

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