Friday, April 17, 2015

Campfire Safety

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Title: Campfire Safety

             This article describes campfire safety and how to prevent forest fires. This article tells you how to pick your fire spot, how to prepare your fire pit, how to build your campfire and finally how to properly extinguish your fire. This website goes above and beyond describing to you how to do these task but created a YouTube video for each task. I watched all four of the videos and they described the risks and precautions you need to take when building and extinguishing a fire in the wilderness. The article goes in depth on how to build the campfire especially. It tells you what materials to use, the different types of camp fires and even instructions on how to keep in lit and burning. This article is a great resource too use when wanting to learn the basics of fire safety and how to build a campfire.

             This article has taught me how to further understands the risks and safety behind fire building. On the website it had a counter that showed how many acres in the United States were being burned down by forest fires, the number was shocking. It is currently at above 500,000 acres. This statistic make me want to learn more about the impact humans have on this and try to limit my effect on our forests and leave no trace. This article taught me a lot about how to pick a spot for your fire when you're in the woods. Before reading this I didn't have any real knowledge on building a pit for the fire and locations for your pit. The article explained that you needed to be at least 10 meters away from trees and bushes. This is information that will be some of the most useful when we get to the hiking trip. If a fire was made to close to the trees and we started a forest fire a few people would probable be mad. This article was a useful tool to me in fire safety and building and I'm sure it would be to anyone who read it.


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