Thursday, April 2, 2015

Survival Tips for wilderness vacations- Cameron Fauvel

Survival Tips for Wilderness Vacations 
Branson Shows

This article displays survival tips for those who would like to try surviving in the wilderness but have very little experience doing so. 

This article is perfect for those who for example, get separated from their group  and need to know what they need to in order for them to be safe and alive.  Important tips which this article highlights are how to deal with a certain situation depending if you are in cold weather or warm weather. In more detail some examples which are displayed in this article are adjusting  your clothing, meaning taking layers of or putting them on, depending on the weather and also testing if you need water by taking a urine sample and if it's dark then it means your in need of water(opposite for lighter color).  Another interesting tip they gave was eating insects if you didn't catch anything that day but need something to eat. 

I have learned lots from this article as in class we cover most of this stuff but this article goes into greater detail such as setting traps for animals so you can eat well that day. In my previous article which was the star of man vs wild this article has made me think how having good survival knowledge will benefit you greatly when you are in a difficult situation.  This article has also show me some the steps you should take when making fire, creating tools and finding help and rescue if you get suck in the situation that I previously stated. I would definitely recommend this to those who are adventure seekers and would like to try something like man vs wild, but don't have any survival experience."Survival tips for wilderness vacations"date issued N/A Web.Recovered: April 1st 2015

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