Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Benefits of Risk- Andrew Findlay

Rating:**** I thought this article was an excellent representation of how risk could benefit children and adult's lives. Andrew Findlay's article based on risk management explains the benefits and even needs for risk within our lives. Findlay writes about the benefits children will receive when their parents let them undergo some risk while managing it instead of eliminating the risk fully. This article begins with Andrew Findlay writing about his children and how he encounters countless parents who attempt to completely eliminate any risk their children may experience. He explains that he believes it is better to let his children experience these risks at playgrounds while he watches closely so that he can manage any risks properly. He states that he understands the need in children to explore and have their freedom which definitely comes with its own risks that need to be managed. Later in the article, Findlay makes reference to a friend of his that encourages his five year old son to go on trips involving rock climbing and skiing with him so that his son can experience nature and its' risks instead of spending all of his time saturated in the technology that is around all of us. By setting up a basic carabineer safety system for his son, Findlay's friend has properly managed the risks he and his son may encounter while rock climbing. He states that any risk of him making a lead fall is a risk that is comfortably assumed as he has done everything he can to manage these risks. Reading this article has made me think about how protected and withdrawn we are as a society. Risks are constantly viewed as a bad thing within our lives, which leads us to make an attempt to completely eliminate any risk there may be. In reality, risk is an essential component in our development from childhood to adulthood and teach us many important life skills. This article has mainly taught me about how different risk management and risk elimination are, and the real benefits of the risks we face every day. Findlay, Andrew. 'The Benefits Of Risk'. Explore Magazine. N.p., 2015. Web. 24 Apr. 2015.

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