Friday, April 10, 2015

The Best Hiking Backpacks - "BootsnAll" By: Daniel Knight (Article #3)

Rating: ***

This article created by "BootsnAll" is a fascinating and valuable read for anybody looking to purchase a hiking pack of some sort. It gives features on varying packs such as day packs, multi night packs as well as packs designed to spend up to 5 nights in the great outdoors. "BootsnAll points out how most pack models have numbers within their names. This typically mean the number of litres it can hold. He also shows multiple pack models that are ideal for the activity of your choice. Lastly he identifies reasons NEVER to purchase a pack without trying it on first.

This article has made me consider a few things. Firstly, it has made me rethink the way I will purchase a pack. Only recently have I been exposed to the logistics of buying a pack, and this definitely reinforces the logic that I must try it on first. Despite what any size chart or salesperson tells me, trying on a pack in the store with some weight in it will be my first and only option when purchasing. Secondly, the article has taught me which packs are designed for certain outings. For example, any pack that is designed to carry up to 35 litres is typically used for day trips rather than overnight trips. Also, multi day packs, which are most ideal for the hiking trip we will be experiencing, carry usually 40-75 litres "BootsnAll" also points out that the multi day pack is perfect for backpacking trips where you may be travelling further distances, such as Europe or South America. This information is valuable so I am aware of the size and volume of the pack I will be requiring should I purchase one before our excursion or if I plan to take a backpacking trip in the future. Lastly it has inspired me to experience the outdoors more often, while at the same time getting in a good workout. I hope to one day backpack around some of the world's most iconic and scenic places, and this will certainly help me out.

BootsnAll. "The Best Hiking Backpacks" Travel Gear Blog. 12 Jul 2010. Travel Gear Blog. 10 Apr 2015

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