Friday, April 10, 2015

The Benefits of Risk

The Benefits of Risk, by Andrew Findlay
Overall Rating: ****

In this article, it discusses the benefits that taking risks in the outdoors can have on a child's development into their adult life. It speaks of how letting kids discover things on their own, without parents constantly saying no to this and that, and not letting them discover the world around them. 

Andrew Findlay speaks of a few instances where he has spoken about letting his children take risks to allow them to explore the world around them, or spoken to others who have the same idea. For example, he spoke with Jean-Francois Plouffe, who allowed his son to go on a 5.7 climb, when he was only five. Plouffe believes that the risk was minimal, and that there was less danger than is associated with a car crash. This allows the child to explore and increase their knowledge of their surroundings, with some risk, but not so much that they are in serious danger. 

In my opinion, I find that this article is very well written, displaying the importance of risk taking, but in a safe manner, as to increase our experiences in life, but not so dangerous that something serious could happen. In other words, it is all about "risk management", as Mr. Plouffe calls it. This had an impact on me because we had recently gone climbing in our class, and it had shown me that even though you are securely strapped in, the sort of danger and thrill associated with it is excellent, because it motivates you to do well, and also gives you self confidence to go beyond your comfort zone, and succeed. The only thing that I have an issue with in this article is that, what is the limit of risk, and when does it become plain stupidity, to challenge yourself to do something nearly impossible. This demonstrates that sometimes, risks are not always a good thing, but when taking risks, it is important to be well prepared, and also be knowledgeable in your ability.

In conclusion, this article was very complete, and highlighted the importance of risks, and how it can impact your life, physically and mentally, in a very positive way, and enabling you to have a better lifestyle for the future. I would recommend this article to anyone who enjoys the outdoors, as well as getting out of their comfort zone.

Source: Findlay, Andrew. 'The Benefits Of Risk'. Explore Magazine. N.p., 2015. Web. 10 Apr. 2015.

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