Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome to the People’s Park

By: Stephania Varalli

Rating - Good ***

Toronto is a place of business, urbanization and industry, but sparkling on the edge of this tight chaos is a green zone called Rouge Park.

Rouge Park was created on the outskirts of Toronto in 2012 by a group of concerned citizens. The article talks about the planning, preparing, building and cleaning that went into making Rouge Park the way it is now. This article didn’t really appeal to me because I live in Ottawa. It made me think how lucky Ottawa is to have so many parks and forest that can be used for recreational or personal purposes. I learnt that if my family visits Toronto soon, we’ll plan to go to Rouge Park if we need some outdoor time. Rouge Park can be easily accessed by the GO-train from downtown Toronto. This article inspires me to continue planting trees, since the emerald ash bore has attacked our ash trees. I’ve seen what the citizens of Toronto have done creating Rouge Park and I think Ottawa should make more specialized places for new sports (e.g. parkour, longboarding or kayaking...etc.). I don’t think this article has changed my behaviour since I read it, but maybe in the future it can remind me what a group of people with a purpose can do to change a little part of society.

Varalli, Stephania. "Welcome to the People's Park." National Parks Adventures In Your Own Backyard 1 Sept. 2012: 14-15. Print.

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