Friday, April 17, 2015

Article Assignment #3 - Aidan Gray

The Evolution of Rivers
By: Bob McGary
Rating: ***

          The natural structure of a river changes and evolves over time. This article describes the effects of two main factors that impact the evolution of rivers, and explains the role humans have on the process of restoring these natural modifications. 

          The author begins by sharing a story about his experience walking around a section of Lake Ontario and how he could not recognize some of his favourite areas. He said that everything was different about the land form of the river.  The author then describes two main factors that cause this change in the river: erosion and sedimentation. Sedimentation happens when the current of the river constantly picks up and drops particles of rock and soil from the stream bed and the river bank. This is followed by erosion when the flow of the water with this natural debris changes the formation of the land. For example, during higher water flow periods, the riverbanks can sometimes collapse because the soil is continuously eroding and being carried through the current. This can affect fish habitats because if the soil around the roots of a tree have been lost due to erosion; this makes the tree vulnerable and can be blown down in high winds. This tree now acts as cover for fish and changes the habitat because it slows down the current around it, making it safer for fish to live in. Lastly in the article, the author describes different methods of rehabilitating and why they are important for the land. Many different organizations that are involved in this research are also mentioned.

          This article is important for understanding the changes that occur in wildlife areas, mainly rivers. I now have greater understanding of the causes and effects that are accommodated to the natural transformations that happen in rivers. I believe it is important to be informed about these aspects of nature that people generally don't know about because the human footprint is having a detrimental effect on the health of the planet. If we intend on maintaining a healthier environment to continue living on, then we must understand how ecological systems work, so we can provide safer, less harmful practices with the environment. This will definitely change my approach to when I come across rivers and other land forms because I now have more knowledge on the situation and the purpose of the natural alterations. I can now change my actions to better support my interactions with natural bodies of water. I highly recommend that you read this article because it will help bring a greater awareness for your own personal understanding of the natural reoccurring developments of bodies of water.  

McGary, Bob. "The Evolution of Rivers." Ontario Out of Doors Fall 2013: 28-29. Print.          

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