Thursday, May 7, 2015

Article #2


Foster Johansson
Rating: ***(okay)

This article is about how Neil feels about long epic canoeing and camping trips. In the article Neil talks about how some people will never be able to do an epic trip like these, but they should be satisfied with their small ones.

This article made me realize that camping trips and such don't have to be competing with the epic trips. Small outings and camping overnight just once or twice makes you remember how much you like company, and how nice it is to get outside and get away from civilization for just awhile. I believe that when I go on a trip next, this article will help me appreciate it that much more, and make it much more enjoyable even if not everything seems right or comfortable.

All in all this article is a good read for those who feel ashamed by those mega-tripers, and it has inspired me to appreciate camping and being outside more.

 Schulman, Neil. "Rock the Boat: Spectator Sport." Rapid Media. Rapid Media. Web. 7 May 2015.  

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