Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Camping Tips For Beginners- Henry Tom

Camping Tips For Beginners- My Way Of Giving Back - Henry Tom,

This article is about the things a beginner camper should keep in mind before camping for the first time. It explains that the most important thing you need to do before going on a trip, is to make a plan. Henry says that no matter what happens, you will be better off if you had planned ahead. He goes on explaining the key points you need to be aware of before a camping trip; like food, weather, research on the area you’ll be in. He makes sure to be clear that it’s important to know what to expect and to be ready for something you may not expect.
This article made me think of when I used to go camping when I was younger and how we mostly had a plan, but at the same time, things did get hectic here or there and it’s hard to plan for everything. I think this is a great article to read if you’re someone who is new to camping just to make sure they are prepared and that they’ll have a good time.
I did enjoy this short little article on camping for beginners and with experience, I know that these things are very important to think of before the trip.

Tom, Henry. Camping Tips For Beginners- My Way of Giving Back.

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