Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hiking Physical Fitness Training - Exercising for Hiking Article #4

Hiking Physical Fitness Training - Exercising for Hiking Article #4
Jeremy Elliott
Overall rating: 3.5/5

            For the next article I reviewed I chose one on  how to physically prepare for a hiking trip and prepare your body. The article made a good point that even if you are physically fit and can swim or run for long distances, you have to remember you are going to have a large heavy pack on your back. The article had an easy to read, easy to follow guide on some of the ways they recommend that you get your fitness level up to prepare yourself for hiking. The article starts by explaining that you shouldn't be training on the first day so much as to completely drain yourself. After all, hiking is supposed to be enjoyable, pushing yourself is fine but to the point of complete exhaustion is a little much. The article then shows its guide to help you become more used to walking long distances with and without weight. 

          First it explains to get warmed up you should take short walks between 2-4 km in not to harsh conditions. This will get you used to walking longer distances if you are a little out of shape. Then it tells you to steadily increase the length you are walking each day until you reach approximately 15 km. Now the article states that you probably should already be carrying snacks and drinks along with you if you are walking for 15 km. Now because you are used to walking for long periods of time the other thing you need to take into account id the weight you will be carrying. In the article it says that you should increase the weight you carry until you are carrying about 25% of your body weight. While hiking with that amount of weight on your back, the article explains that you should try hiking in more difficult terrains and harsher conditions to get the full experience. This will better prepare you in case you do need to hike in harsher or more extreme conditions. Lastly it says that hiking for one day is one thing, but multiple days after is a different story. So, if you have the time you should try carrying the weight on your back for consecutive days. Remember to bring band aids and duct tape for blisters, and tell someone where you are going, or go hiking with a friend in case of a emergency. 


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