Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Rise of Orienteering: No Path, No Rules

The Rise of Orienteering: No Path, No Rules

Rating: ****

"The Rise Of Orienteering" was a great article that illustrated a first time experience of orienteering and gave me a fantastic insight on how I should approach things, seeing as I am new to the sport as well. 

The article gives us the story of a group's first time run at an orienteering meet called "Rade The Hammer" located in the dense forests of Toronto. We are able to see what problems they come across and how they overcome them following by their overall attitude on the sport: practice makes perfect. Although they did not do as well as they thought they would considering being the fastest runners on the field, they did not just give up and have a bad attitude about it. They accepted their time and signed up for the next race. 

I strongly enjoyed this article because it demonstrated the attitude I should be going into my first orienteering race with. It allowed me to view some of the obstacles I may encounter and ways to get past them. It will be a challenge I am willing to take on. 

I strongly recommend this article to anyone who is going into a new activity/sport they are not familiar with because it demonstrates a good theme that will greatly benefit you. 

Hutchinson, Alex. The Rise of Orienteering: No Path, No Rules. Mens Journal: adventure. March 2015

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