Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Inglorious Side of Competition Climbing – Thomasina Pidgeon


Rating: ****


In the world of rock climbing, there are those who like climbing just for the fun of it and those who are ready to take on an additional challenge – competition climbing. This article describes the story of a climber who decided to take the leap, but who encountered some challenges along the way.


The author of this article had set her heart on trying out competition climbing, and went on quite the roller-coaster ride. She faced many new situations and difficulties along the way, such as a lack of training, both physical and mental. Her decision to challenge herself was one that helped her grow as a person, and helped her learn for the future.  


Through this article, I learned that rock climbing is more than just a fun activity. Not only is it a tough sport physically, but the mental and emotional challenges of going from casual climbing to competitions are quite straining on the ego and on the mind. The author’s lack of preparation was, at first, very discouraging, but as she kept trying, she inevitably got better. I admire her attitude and hope to absorb some of her positive energy and embody that as I live my life. Instead of looking at her mistakes as discouraging and unpromising, she decided that she would just try again, despite her pride being slightly hurt. “Try again, fail again. Fail better.” is a quote that she uses which I will likely be using as well. This article was inspiring not only because of what I learned about climbing, but also the deeper meanings and lessons to be learned.


Thomasina Pidgeon writes of an inspiring journey and overcoming obstacles, which is exactly what we all wish to do in life. I would recommend this article to anyone, even those not interested in climbing, just for the sake of listening to the story and what you can take away from it.  


Pidgeon, Thomasina. 'The Inglorious Side Of Competition Climbing'. Gripped 2015: 80. Print.

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