Wednesday, June 3, 2015

10 Canoe adventures, real easy

by Trish Manning
from the Ottawa Outdoors Magazine


This is a nice article for families who would like to go on a short canoe trip without having to plan anything.

The author introduces the topic by comparing a guided tour to a tour that you have to plan on your own, considering the cost and time spent on it. He concludes that the prices for the guided tours are fair, since it safes a lot of time and extra expenses on gear. The main part of the article is the list of 10 different trip guides, giving a short summary of where the trip is going and what the offer includes. The different options go from wild water trips over a few days, too simple day trips, including a short lesson of canoe basic and paddle strokes, sometimes combined with a little bit of historical background.

It was an interesting article because it gives you a little overview of different adventures around Ontario and it covers a diversity of trips with different focuses. I hoped that the article would help me find a nice adventure tour for my parents and me, but none of the options really fit to our criterias. Even though the article made me understand how the prices for guided canoe trips are reasonable, I was disappointed because it only included shorter trips most of them just for a day and the others included a cabin and other luxurious things. For me that doesn't sound like an adventure, but rather like a vacation to relax and to lean back.
Sadly I didn't find a fitting adventure, but at  least I know now that if we make the right choice in the guide it will definitely be an experience that is worth the price.

Manning, Trish. "10 Canoe Adventures, Real Easy." Ottawa Outdoors 2014: 14-15. Web. 

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