Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Backpacking the Canol Heritage Trail A long trail with a little bit of history

Backpacking the Canol Heritage Trail, A long trail with a little bit of history-By Laurie March

Rating: ***

The article summarizes the dangers, cautions one must take, history and the beautiful scenery an individual can experience in the Canol Heritage trails.

This article has impressed me in the sense of an adventure seeking individual who likes a challenge in a remote area. However at the bottom of the article they state "We cannot stress enough that experience, self-preparedness and planning are key when traveling to this gem. When you are there you will be completely alone in extremely difficult areas to reach. If you have to be rescued you will have to pick up the tab which will run into the thousands of dollars." This ensures they are attracting the right audience to the area who are thoroughly prepared for every type of situation as being rescued right away is not an option. This note makes me feel concerned of how severe the conditions could possibly get. Furthermore, the plus side is this will make an individual research the area, know the do' and don'ts and hopefully will research the area thoroughly to ensure their safety. Lastly, I have learned on every trip I plan to go on, I will research thoroughly the area to know the dangers, cautions I must take and finally the know the right trails to go on even if a guide is with me.

March, L. (2015). outdoor adventure canada - backpacking the Canol Heritage Trail. Retrieved 3 June 2015, from

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