Tuesday, June 16, 2015


A resource I found was a website called active.com.

This resource is great for all things active. It has articles, videos, and little tips and tricks for a variety of things. It has five main tabs, and multiple subsections within them. The main tabs are: Running and Sports; Kids and Family; Fitness and Health; Training; and Shop. Another thing that this website has that is fairly useful is that there is a search bar to find activities in your area. You simply type the city (ex: Nepean), and there will be a list of different races or activities in that area. If you search under the "Kids and Family" tab, then there are more family-oriented activities then if you were to search on the main page. There are also outdoors, hiking, and camping guides to look through. With the online store, you can browse through different equipment and order things if you want to.


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