Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Get Hooked On Nature- Andrew Murphy

Get Hooked On Nature

By: Ben Klasky

Rating: *****

This Ted Talk talks about how kids do not spend enough time outside, as well it talks about how not spending enough time outside can seriously affect you. Some positive effects by spending time outside include, your body will produce Vitamin D, lower the rates of heart disease, osteoporosis, MS and some cancers, lower obesity rates, more positive moods, lower anxiety, stress and depression, and you get better focus. Some of the effects include, less Vitamin D (naturally) high obesity and more kids are on Ritalin. He also talks about different stories about how kids get "on nature." He also says that kids on average get about 7 hours of screen time a day, countering that comment Ben says that he is making an application where you are sent on missions to go outside and you can rewarded with real life prizes. Ben hopes that with this application he can take those 7 hours and make kids spend that outside and not on a screen.

I really enjoyed listening to this Ted Talk as I learned quite a bit about being outdoors, and the positive and negative effects of being and not being outside. Although I do not spend all of my time outside I do spend some time outside and I do not spend 7 hours playing games. This Ted talk was also quite interesting by listening to the stories about how a girl was not afraid of hearing a gun shot but was afraid every time she heard a stick break because she didn't want to get eaten by a bear. This is funny because it shows how much time she spends in the city and not enough time out and enjoying nature. As well the application that Ben is making would be a really cool application to have and I would totally download it, but I am unsure if the application would work here in Canada and if it is out yet and i'm unsure of the name of it. Lastly this application is a great excuse to be outside and be on your phone, or Ipod at the same time. In conclusion, this was a great Ted Talk to listen to and I learned a lot and I recommend you listen to it.

Talked by: Ben Klasky- Get Hooked On Nature
Uploaded, January 13th, 2014

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