Monday, June 15, 2015

Are we born to run? - Christopher McDougall

Are we born to run? - Christopher McDougall

RATING: ****

We are born to run with our right and left foot. We are born to show some a capability of compassion and competitiveness towards goals we endure and that everything we involve each individual in is always involving. We are born to evolve and be something greater than we once we were and we still are evolving to this day!

The TED Talk “ Are we born to run?” is about a 37 year old by the name Derartu Tulu who tries and helps Paula Radcliffe, an olympic gold medalist keep up in the New York City Marathon. Derartu Tulu pushes Paula Radcliffe once she begins to fall behind, and when she says she tells Derartu Tulu to go, she races past the lead pack and wins the race.  Christopher talks about the Copper Canyons of Mexico, where there's a isolated tribe called the Tarahumara who still remain unscathed by society for 400 years and are live unchanged, where they run 100 to 150 miles, where the conquerors of North America came, but they decided to run away and hide while the Aztec and Mayans fought. The Tarahumara have not at all been affected by modern diseases and all scientists are trying to figure out one answer, why? How were we able to find food without weapons all those years ago? These questions leads to what Christopher called us humans as “a pack of hunting dogs”, that we stick together and evolve from the ideas and influence we put on others to make one another think alike. This Ted talk informs people about recent addition of running and running injuries to our era The science we have learned up until today comes from our ancestors and how they were able to do something remarkable every day with their two feet to run distances.

The TED Talk “ Are we born to run?” is the only, but most interesting Ted Talk I have seen and reflected upon. It has affected me by giving me more knowledge about different tribes that existed and what they have done to survive and exist in society long ago “Are we born to run?” has made me think that I should be more curious about how the world works and that I should ask more questions to solve the mystery to the evolutions that have occurred. I learned from this TED Talk that you can be compassionate and caring at the same time and still win the race like the tortoise and the hare which is related to real life situations like Derartu Tulu and Paula Radcliffe. This TED Talk has inspired me to take the next step further and do something remarkable with my two feet just like everyone else around me is trying and doing new things day in, day out. It will make a change in my behavior to make me be determined and not let anyone better at different skills than me change my opinion on the way I view society or how I view the world/society in my generation in which I can make it a better place!

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