Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ted talk- Hilary Alexander

Rating: ****
Get Hooked on Nature

I watched a Ted talk about the benefits of being outdoors and how we should be encouraging kids to be outdoors more.

This ted talk was about how the great outdoors and nature is good for ones health. It explained that studies show that on average kids are getting less than 2 hours of outdoor activity per day and up to 7 hours looking at a screen. The speaker told stories of the positive effects that the outdoors has on humans physically and mentally. Stories of how he has worked with kids from the inner city helping them get in touch with nature and better themselves.
This ted talk was very interesting and made me think myself about how important it is to be outside and enjoy nature. The stories of the lives that nature and the outdoors was able to change for the better was amazing. The speaker got his message across very effectively using statistics and real stories making you want to appreciate the outdoors.
Klasky, Ben. Get Hooked on Nature. Jan 13, 2014