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Ten Reasons Why Hiking Is Good For You
By: Kathryn Meininger

This article talks about ten reasons why hiking is good for you. The first reason that is mentioned is that it improves your overall health, it allows you to get out and be active as it allows you to have moderate-aerobic exercise and move at your own pace. Hiking also allows you to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by hiking regularly which would keep your cardiovascular system in good shape, which can help reduce of heart disease and having a stroke. Hiking can help control and prevent diabetes because activity will help monitor blood sugars for diabetics and keep a stable blood sugar. It increases your energy level by bringing in extra oxygen to your muscles and tissues which gives you an extra boost of energy. Hiking burns calories, burning calories helps lower your weight and it is a great way to do so, this way you aren't stuck in a gym , inside. Increase of bone density; hiking for long periods of time can strengthen your bones reducing your chances of getting arthritis and osteoporosis. Hiking lowers your risk of cancer! According to this article it helps reduce chances of some cancer such as breast cancer, and colon cancer, it is reduced by a regular basis of physical activity. Hiking can brighten your mood, the scenic roots you may take can calm your nerves and relieve stress which is good for you body, and also you to forget about all of your worries you may have had before the hike. It alleviates insomnia, taking a  hike can help you get to sleep faster, have a refreshing sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night. Lastly, you get your daily dose of Vitamin D by just taking a small 10 minute hike. Vitamin D can come from many sources, however the bets source is the sun.

After reading this article I was surprised the benefits of going for a hike, and I was happy to hear some of the benefits. I gave this article a 4 star because even though it was educational I found that it just lacked in explanation for have benefit and didn't really give an example for each.I really enjoyed reading this article. I learned many things about hiking that I didn't already know about. The benefits of hiking are really great and I feel that everyone should get out and go for a small 30 minute hike for all the reasons listed above. This seems to me like the ultimate way to stay healthy and active, I think in my near future I will go hiking. Of course I will start off small and then work up to 2 hour hikes weekly which seems like a great idea. I know by reading this article my learning of the outdoors have grown since reading this article, and I can know inform friends and family to go hiking for these beneficial reasons.  I know that during the summer I will be going for a hike with my dog and any other family member that would like to tag along, this is a great way to stay active and have a health body. Hiking I think has never been so beneficial and I would like to hike for as long as can.

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Written by Kathryn Meininger, December 18th, 2013

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