Saturday, June 6, 2015

Get Hooked on Nature

Get hooked on nature- Ben Klasky
Rating: ****

I am sure many people have heard this but This ted talk is extremely informational and should be watched by every child who stays in their homes all day. Ben the CEO of IslandWood and outdoor learning center, discusses a continuing growing issue with kids these days which is obesity.  He discusses how technology has a negative effect on your physical and mental health while the outdoors is the complete opposite.  

Although this article may not specifically take about things we do in Outdoor ed  it discusses the outdoors and how good they are for you.  People in africa and third world countries are always playing outside while their are many obese kids in Canada and the United States because of all the technology and are forgetting how exciting the outdoors can really be. Like going out for a bike ride or anything to see what your are missing out on my staying in your house.

This ted talk has shown me how much of an impact the outdoors can have in one life. All these kids now a days always on their phones and playing videos games all day isn’t healthy. Children should realize they need to be physically active like myself i don’t want to stay inside all so I just go and play sports outside and enjoy the outdoors. I would highly recommend this as it has inspired me to encourage kids to enjoy the outdoors, to get hooked on technology and get hooked on the outdoors.  

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