Monday, June 1, 2015

Article #4: Canoe Over Canoe rescue

Canoe over Canoe rescue
By: Doug Wipper
*** Very good

Whether you’re just beginning to learn how to canoe or have spent years on the water, everyone manages to take a fall in the drink at least once in their canoe career. The article    
“Canoe over canoe rescue” teaches adventurers one of the fastest methods of getting back into your canoe.

In the article, author Doug Wipper goes through the simple steps on how to flip an overturned canoe. He also provides some pointers that you probably wouldn’t think about, like getting all the equipment below the gunwale on the rescue craft before attempting to flip the canoe. This way, you won’t be chasing life jackets or bailers once you climb back into your craft. The technique for righting the canoe is fairly simple. First, after securing all equipment, the group in the rescue canoe should put their boat 90 degrees to the flipped canoe. Then, one or both of the people in the water should push down on the end of the canoe farthest from the rescue boat. This helps reduce suction and makes it easier for the people in the rescue canoe to lift it out of the water. Once done, the person in the rescue canoe will fully pull the upside down canoe on to their canoe, and flip it so it can be slid back into the water. While this is being done, the people in the water should swim to opposite ends of the rescue canoe and hold on so they won’t be pulled by the current, if there is one. Once the 2nd canoe is placed back into the water, the rescuers simply hold on to it so the victims can crawl back into their canoe.

This article has taught me that there are much simpler ways to get back into an overturned canoe then trying to do it on your own or with your partner holding on to the other side. It also means that you won’t be worried about being swept downstream alone or with just your partner if the current is especially strong. This rescue technique is very helpful to keep in mind, as our classes’ canoe is fast approaching. The canoe over canoe rescue technique is a helpful skill to have when canoeing in waters with strong currents or winds. I would recommend this article to anyone who has a tendency to tip the canoe.

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