Monday, June 1, 2015

Camping by Water: By T.D. Wood

Rating ****

If you are thinking about going on a portaging trip or if you’d like to camp by the water read this article because it will prepare you for the trip. I enjoyed this article because it had useful information that I would be able to use.

The article is informing you on how to camp by the water properly and safely. Camping by Water isn't too long and gets right to the point therefore I was able to stay engaged. Things they mention in the article is your campsite which tells you what to do at your campsite, where to say, how to set up your campsite and camp cleanliness and hygiene. Things to watch out for when camping by the water is the location because you want to camp at a campsite that will ensure your safely therefore do your research before you go on the trip. Also make sure you plan your time properly since you don’t want to be arriving at your campsite at night, tired from canoeing all day and not be able to set up your tent for the night. Setting up your campsite is very important because you have to do it in a safe area in a park. Another thing to keep in mind is when you are cleaning your dishes or your body you need to make sure you are at least 200 feet away from the water source since you don't want to pollute the water with the soap. If you’d like to learn more about camping by water i strongly suggest reading this article.

Overall this article was informing and made me want to go portaging again because I know more about camping by the water.

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