Friday, June 5, 2015

Article #4

Exhausted Hiker Rescued from Panorama Trail
Rating ****

This article is about 3 hikers that were hiking up panorama and 2 hikers one that was a 77 year old and one that's 64 years old who were really exhausted and they couldn't do anymore work anymore. When help came they tried to carry out the 77 year old in a horse but because her condition was so bad they couldn't do it, the 64 year old said that she would be able to walk the 6 miles but with help. the 77 year old was carried in a wheeled litter. This rescue took about 9 hours to do. The 64 year old told them that their friend didn't not tell them about the intensity of the hiking so they weren't ready for the trip.

This article made me realize that before going to a trip I got to make sure that I can handle the trip so I don't get too exhausted during the trip.

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