Friday, June 12, 2015

Article Assignment #3

Article Assignment#3

5 Reasons to Replace Your Bike By By: Robert Annis  Rate:****

The writer talks about how the frame and wheels shouldn’t get all the attention, for example  when you are fixing up your bike most people only either replace their frame or their wheels but the chain should also be fixed. The chain is what moving the tires which if you chain is rusty it won’t move as efficiently and will make your bike ride a lot harder. The writer talks about how it saves you money and that most people think their bike is broken but really they need to change their chains which is less expensive. The writer also talks about it’s really easy to do yourself which is another way of saving money.

This article helps me because I to go for a lot of long bike rides and if I change my chain it will probably make my bike ride a lot easier. Instead of me buying a new expensive bike I can just change my bike chains and it will work the way it did the first time I bought the bike.

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