Friday, June 12, 2015

Ted Talk

      Ted Talk: 52 marathons in 52 weeks
 By Tristan Miller
Rating: *****
Tristan in the video talks about being you in the right mind sight you'll be able to achieve the impossible. Tristan was a man enjoying life, has a good job at a radio station one of the top ones, and he has a wife then one day she says she doesn't have the same feelings for him which ends up making his life go down hill. Tristan started drinking for like 4 months then one of his workers told him that he doesn't like the new Tristan and they should go for a run and talk about it. They go for a run and his worker runs marathons a lot so the worker can run a far distance but on the other hand Tristan can't, after the run Tristan says he felt so good and he feels like he let go a lot of emotions. The worker and Tristan sign up for a marathon and Tristan right away believes he can't do it but the worker says you can do it if you have the right mind sight and Tristan believed in himself and did it. 

Tristan talks about how he started his 52 marathon in 52 weeks because every other job was not hiring and it was a bad time to look for a job. Tristan then thought if I do 52 marathons in different countries, companies will sponsor me and I can enjoy all the beautiful countries. Friends and family told Tristan he wouldn't be able to do 52 marathons in different countries within 52 weeks because you'll get sick and jet legged. He told them why can't I overcome these obstacles and do the impossible and he continued to believe in himself and ended up doing 52 marathon in 52 weeks. Tristan also made a website call which inspires people to go for a run.

I personally don't like running for a long time, I feel that I am to weak or incapable of run for a long time.  The next time I go for a run I will take what I have learn from this video and use it, in the near future when I go to run a marathon it will make my marathon more do able.

I recommend watching this Ted Talk because its really inspiring that someone can go from so low to the highest point in their life because they were in the right mind sight and end up running 52 marathons.

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