Monday, June 1, 2015

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By: Caylee Joseph
Article By: Jamie Long
     This article is a must read for any camping pet owners. This article is about which provincial parks in Ontario are dog friendly. The author talks about regular park rules for having dogs like having a leash on at all times that has to be two meters or shorter, no dogs on beaches, no dogs in the cabins or roofed areas. This article also talk about some of the parks that are the most dog friendly like areas for exercise or dog beaches. Some of these places include Charleston Lake and Samuel de Champlain.
     This was an overall good article, it had some good facts to know when camping with a dog. I think that knowing which places are best suited for our canine friends is a great idea so that we don’t have to pay lots of money for babysitting services or kennels that seem a bit too small for lap dogs. This was a short little article with great facts!

Jamie Long. “12 Most Dog-Friendly Campsites in Ontario”. Website. July 19 2013.

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