Monday, June 1, 2015

Ted Talks
Rating: ******
By: Caylee Joseph
Speaker: Topher White
     This was one of the best Ted Talks I have seen because it had a simple solution to a huge problem. The speaker talks about the rainforest and what we can do to help stop illegal logging.
     In the beginning of his presentation, he starts off playing real rainforest sounds. He talks about the constant noise and tell the viewers some of the animals that you can hear. Then the sounds stop and all you hear is chainsaw noises and he says that the sound has been there the entire time and that it is hard to hear it. He starts to discuss the problems of the logging. After he starts to talk about his solution of having used cellphones powered by solar panels, that can hear the chainsaw noises due to their sensors, and when they pick up on the noise. They send an alert to the rangers so that they can stop and find the loggers.
     His plan seems very realistic and that it can be done. The idea of using what’s already there is amazing and I really believe that this could change the logging and clear cutting of the rainforest. I really like that this could help greenhouse gases because trees can absorb the C02 gases and help with climate change, melting ice caps, and heat waves. I gave it such a high rating because I truly believe this could change the world.  
Topher White. What can save the rainforest? Your used cell phone”. September 2014.

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