Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For These Kids, Life Won`t Seem As Tough A Climb

A little different form the outdoor ed program at CW, Grand Haven Junior High School's intentions are   to teach kids about self-reliance, trusting others and overcoming fear. The article is about a 13 year old girl was stuck on the ledge of a rock for over an hour because she was afraid to climb up. The instructor wanted the girl to overcome her fear therefor she didn't help the girl down. She kept telling the student that was stuck that she was looking for effort” There really is no reason to be scared because you are being supported by the harness etc... The student eventually fell down from the rock and everything was okay.  An intriguing question to outdoor ed instructors Diane Veneklasen and Ken Larson is when to stop pushing. The objective of their class is too push students and overcome fear but it's difficult for the when to stay tough or lay back.
This article taught me the outdoor ed teachers point of view and what kind of questions and problems they face. Although the objective in outdoor ed at CW are a little different the intentions are about the same. Both schools want cooperation and team work; they want students to overcome difficult obstacles too. Although I think that being stuck on a ledge of a rock for an hour because the person was scared to climb up is a little over the top, this article was interesting to read. Reading this article has truly inspired me to keep pushing myself when there are difficult obstacles and that there is always support around.


author unknown. 'For These Kids, Life Won`T Seem As Tough A Climb'. tribunedigital-chicagotribune. N.p., 1988. Web. 16 June 2015.



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