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Getting hooked on nature

Getting hooked on nature
Ben Klasky
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With the modern world being as developed as it is, we often forget what the world really is, where we’re building all these roads, trains, airports, schools, houses, you name it. It’s all on earth, and technically it’s all in the wild. But in the modern day world, there is often no reason to go outside, ever. Everything can be reached by a car, or through a wire. There is never any reason to go outside. You could be completely self sufficient living in your house without ever having to leave you chair as long as you had a computer with internet, and money in a bank account. We musn’t forget the world that we’re using, the origins and environment in which our body is designed for.
The video explains just how lost out children can be from the daily active and outdoor life that our ancestors used to live. There is never any incentive to do anything outside, and our whole school system is involved around cities. The speaker explains how children that he has personally worked didn’t flinch while hearing a gunshot just down the street, but were terrified when hearing  a stick break far off in the woods. They’ve become desensitized to the life that they live in the city, and are often captivated by the wilderness that they’ve never experienced. He also explains that is almost like a disorder that many children have today, 8 hours of screen on average every day, and only 15 minutes outside. Where the outdoors is absolutely riddled with positive side effects and good mental growth, screen and the indoors is just showered in negativity. As obesity and ADHD rates rise, the time we spend outdoors quickly plummets. It’s a loop that needs to be broken, by something else that they can appeal to, if you can’t beat techonology, join it. Use geocaching  or apps to encourage your children to go outside and learn from the environment around us (what Ben Klasky suggests in the video).
The article does really hit home for me. I work with children every summer and they often ask me questions about an animal or a tree, or something related to the outdoors, which often seems as if it should be intuitive. I find it odd that these kids have never been in a tent, or away from a road, away from the city lights and noise pollution. They don’t really understand the true definition of silence and the beauty of the night sky. I take every opportunity I can to make sure I don’t end up in these very same situations. I know there is always more to experience in the wilderness, an unlimited resource that we have just outside our doors. It’s something that I know future generations will lack, as each day progresses we lose more and more knowledge and experience with the wilderness and become more and more entrapped in the dependency of technology and civilization. I truly believe it will quickly become a problem that many might face, and is a problem that I don’t want to be involved with. A problem that I hope to fix and help others with.

Get hooked on nature: Ben Klasky at TEDxRainer, Nov 9, 2013, B. Klasky. Produced by TED conferences.

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