Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ted talk : why Environmental and Outdoor Education Matters

TED TALK: Why Environmental and Outdoor Education Matters - Maggie Gaddis
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Everyone connects with nature in different ways. Some people enjoy planting flowers, some people enjoy hiking, most kids enjoy climbing trees… the variations are limitless. Although being outside may just be a way to kill time or to enhance the look of your outdoor home decor, some people use the outdoors to connect with nature and balance out problems in their lives through the force and peace of the beautiful outdoors.

In this TED Talk, Gaddis connects with the audience by using her own experience with nature to strengthen her character throughout her life. She explains that her turbulent childhood could often become tolerable by connecting with nature by visiting gardens, going on hikes, and sitting by lakes and rivers as they were peaceful and helped her forget about her life at home. This connection eventually led her to become an extremely active volunteer. The correlation of her connection with nature and her dream to help kids allowed her to reach out to adults and children within the organization she volunteers in by teaching them that we need to give back to nature. In her talk she states that people use the earth for so many reasons and in many cases we do not return the favour back to nature.

This presentation is relatable to our outdoor ed. class because we spend so much time in nature. After watching the video I realized that we do take a lot from the earth and don’t necessarily return the favour to the environment which is something outdoor education classes could look into doing more. With this being said however the severity in which she believes the importance of having a personal connection with nature is something not everyone agrees is important. The truth of the matter is that some kids go outside because their parents force them to and some people only go hiking because their spouse or friends want to.

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