Monday, June 15, 2015

How not to get swept downriver to your death

How not to get swept downriver to your death - George Gruenefeld
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In the article “How not to get swept downriver to your death” by George Gruenefeld, it explains 3 ways to help save your life and it gives an example of two people who didn’t know how to escape downriver streams and ended up dead.

The first rule is: play safe which explains the fact that you should use chest waders and proper boots (cleated are great). Carry a wading stick and wear a belt tight (to prevent water from rushing into your waders, and wear a vest or a CO2-inflated PFD. The second rule is: use common sense, which explains the importance of building your strength and stamina before taking your trip, and the fact that you don’t have to wade out to the top of your chest, rather cast that far and wade to your hips. The final rule is: save your own hide which explains that help may not be able to reach you in time so you need to know how to try to save yourself for example, if your feet are swept from under you just swim and swim and keep swimming.

This article wouldn’t be overly helpful in outdoor ed unless we were to take a fishing trip. However this is helpful for me in my life because I go fishing often with my family and have seen people get taken downstream. I didn’t know how to help them so put myself in that situation and I really wouldn’t know what to do plus I would be panicking. This article is ideal to beginners or people wading for the first time who may face a difficult situation in the water

Overall, this article presents 3 good points with explanations on how to survive if you ever get caught going downriver. It also describes a scary situation that could very well end up as someone’s reality, and eventual death.

Gruenefeld, George. 'How Not To Get Swept Downriver To Your Death'. Outdoor Canada. N.p., 2015. Web. 21 May 2015.

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