Monday, June 15, 2015

Get hooked on nature - TED talk

In this TED talk, Ben Klasky spoke about a rising issue. These days kids are constantly in front of a screen for hours a day. This is a problem because this is cutting from their time spent in the outdoors, despite its mental and physical health benefits! 

I really enjoyed this TED talk because it actually is addressing kids just like me. People my age including me are getting less and less time outdoors and it's becoming a problem. All of this screen time creates so many problems down the road. Although you may feel connected, you really aren't. You're isolating yourself from much greater things. You're missing out on so many opportunities life offers in the great outdoors. 

I think that this message is great because it is reality for many children of all ages. It is something that I am glad people like Ben Klasky are bringing awareness. Seeing this video, I am know motivated to change my lifestyle and spend more time outdoors as should others. 

Overall, after seeing this speech about the rising crisis of our generation, I am now realizing that the outdoors has so many benefits and it comes at no cost or side affects! 

Klasky, Ben. Get Hooked on Nature. Jan 13, 2014

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