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Kayak or Canoe? Which one is best for you?

Kayak or Canoe? Which one is best for you?

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Canoes and Kayaks are often compared, and are just generally considered the best and only options for anyone that hopes to get from point A to B, across any body of water. This inevitably creates friction amongst the two similar factions: the canoeist, and the kayaker. Cliff Jacobson, is clearly a canoeist.
The short article contained a personal anecdote by Cliff, explaining an experience he had with a fellow camper, however she was a kayaker. Although Cliff doesn’t specify which of the two he is, I think the answer is clear. The next few paragraphs go on to explain the truths and myths of Canoes, and why both are strong in it’s own regard. The article is simple, and contained; stating the myth, and explaining how it’s wrong.
This article is extremely misleading, at least if you go by the title. One would expect it to be a strong compare and contrast of the disadvantages and advantages of each mode of transport. However the article in reality is just defensive for canoes, and doesn’t really provide any other information, facts, or statistics to support his argument. He very rarely acknowledges even one benefit of the kayak. I haven’t really learned much from the article and doesn’t provide me with any information for taking on a kayak trip myself. However, the author does state the simplicity that kayaks provide on calm water, they are much easier to control and have a lower learning curve. After this initial learning boost, the kayak become progressively more and more difficult to learn. The Canoe on the other hand is hard to function without any practice, but becomes progressively easier and easier to use as time goes on. I don’t believe either option will ever be perfect, and I don’t believe the argument will ever be truly settled, and each party will have their reasons. I do believe that no matter the mode of transport, an article will not suffice to make that decision for you. In order to really make a decision for which instrument is best for your needs and the trip that you plan on undertaking, personal, and first-hand experience should be a requirement. Each person will experience the boat slightly differently, there isn’t a simple go to option. So, the only way to truly decide which is the best for you, you have to go out there and try them for yourself; so simple solution, and no easy answer.

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Written By, C. Jacobson, Retrieved June 2015

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