Thursday, June 4, 2015

Medical miracle on Everest

Medical miracle on Everest
presenter: Ken Kamler


The Ted talk was about a doctor who was part of  an expedition to the top of mount Everest that went horribly wrong. When they first started a comet passed over the mountain which the sherpas that were with them told them was bad luck but they continued anyways. When they got to campsite 3 which was around halfway up the mountain the doctor and most of his group stopped while the rest continued. When they got to the final campsite before the summit the weather was perfect so they went on but when they were already far from the camp a terrible storm started. During the storm four of the climbers were lost or died and others almost died, but one of the hikers who was also thought to have died after being lost survived. He was found by other climbers and thought to be dead but he was just in a state of frostbite where he could not move or blink or do anything but think a little. He lied in the snow for two day’s and a night until miraculously he was able to get back up after thinking of his family and everything he would lose even though he was in a state where he should have just died, doing this got his brain started up again and he was able to walk all the way back down to campsite three and get treated. No one could believe he survived.

It made me think about how just the will to live could allow you to survive terrible things that should otherwise be impossible to survive. I learned that even in the worst of situations it’s possible to survive with a little thought.

Kamler, Ken. “Medical miracle on Everest.” Ted talk. October 2009. Lecture

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