Thursday, June 4, 2015

Article #3

12 Outdoor Survival Skills Every Guy Should Master
Men's Fitness Magazine
Rating: ***

Basically a summary of this article was that it gave twelve reasonable tips that most men or women should master for survival. Now are these tips actually useful? That is completely debatable. 

This article listen useful tips like: Locating a suitable campsite, building a shelter, starting a fire with a battery, building your fire, finding clean water, collecting water with a transpiration bag, identifying edible plants, using a split-tip gig to catch critters, navigating by day, navigating by night, tying a bowline, and sending up a survival signal. All these tips I would most definitely agree with but also with most of these tips, I found that the writer of this article did not give much information for these tips or much explanation on how the help you, ect. I personally found that what he had listen were definitely survival skills that every human being should know, I just wish that he could have gone into more detail or explained more.

Devan Larkin

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