Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TED Talk: Ben Saunders - Youngest Man to Ski the North Pole

Rating *****

Ben Saunders' incredible journey to the North Pole is one to admire.

The British born man set out on a miraculous journey in 2004 that to February of 2005 only 4 men had accomplished before - to cross country (literally) ski to the North Pole. He skied the equivalent of 31 marathons back to back in 10 weeks. With nearly 400 pounds of materials and supplies, it is without a doubt one of the greatest representations of human capability in the world. Saunders' determination and ambition are what help people of the next generation accomplish great things.

This article has changed me in a few ways. Firstly, it has reinforced my new found interest in cross country skiing. Since the beginning of the cross country skiing unit in our class, it has grown on me a substantial amount. Now having seen the amazing things you can do with cross country skis, it has only reinforced that interest for it. Secondly it has also inspired me to achieve my full potential. As Saunders' mentioned, the majority of people are only achieving 3,4 or 5% of their full capabilities. I want to be able to push myself to my full potential and see what my full physical and mental capabilities really are. I learned how brutal and unforgiving the Arctic really is. Before I had a generalization that it's just -40 degrees and baron, when in reality it can be even colder, windier, and the ice may be more of a danger than I had originally perceived it to be.

Saunders' has definitely inspired me to be more active, pursue what I truly desire and push myself to my full potential and beyond.

Saunders, Ben. "Ben Saunders: Why Did I Ski to the North Pole? " TED . TED . 2 Jun 2015 <http://www.ted.com/talks/ben_saunders_skis_to_the_north_pole#t-66129>.

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