Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Outdoor learning:Education's next revolution?"

Outdoor learning: Education's next revolution?
By: Lauren Smith

Rating: ****

While reading the article "Outdoor learning:Education's next revolution?" I've come across a judgement that got my thinking about our school system that my belief should be changed.

Evidently, in my previous articles i have spoken about the belief that outdoor education increases your level of learning."Most students are expected to sit in chairs and pay attention for as many as eight hours per day–and that is even before taking homework into account" without explaination, these words say a lot about the isolation that students have these days sitting in a closed in classroom.My belief is becoming stronger towards education outdoors and the positive impact is have on children and young adults.

In the article, Kenny the story teller speaks about the start of something new.Kenny started a school based on outdoors.With the start of children as young as kindergarten to high school students on the verge of graduating.In addition to just being outdoor and breathing in the fresh air, school across america have taken it as far as "
children at the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California, engage in hands-on environmental learning in a community garden, and apply this knowledge to their traditional academic subject areas. For example, chemistry is taught in the kitchen when students bake wholewheat soda bread." WITH HANDS ON EDUCATION WHAT IS THERE TO LOSS. Also adding to chemistry being learned in a kitchen you have biology being taught at the school’s zoo, another hands-on learning.

No school should be isolating their students in a classroom for over 8 hours a day without the freedom of the great outdoors.My belief after reading this article and others has enhanced my reasoning for outdoor education.
We would live in a happier, more healthy education system. 
Lauren Smith/SALON/Outood learning :Education's next revolution/Published:Feb.16/2015/http://www.salon.com/2014/02/16/outdoor_learning_educations_next_revolution/ June 2/2015

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