Monday, June 15, 2015

Ted talk

Title: Why bother leaving the house?
Author: Ben Saunders

This Ted talk was a truly amazing 10 minutes of my day and was a great listen. Ben Saunders is a man that has done expeditions that some thought were impossible and is the ultimate in outdoor living. He spoke of his trips in the north and south pole. Ben gave examples of expeditions like his three month trip in the south pole and his soon to be four month trip with a team of three. He talked about why is important to be outside and enjoying what life has to offer. Ben also read a few quotes that were really powerful and made you think twice about what you're doing. He also talked about what drives people to do things like climb mount Everest, he said how it had no benefit but people wanted to do it anyone. He read a quote that said “because its there”, this quote really describe the human nature behind people climbing high mountains or taking month long expeditions into the wild. They don't do it because they think it well help them, they do it because its there and because its fun.

This Ted talk has inspired me to just get out of the house more often. I'm not under the impression that I'm going to go on a 105 day expedition in the south pole, but it makes me want to be outside and experience what life has to offer. Ben Saunders is an athlete beyond what I can ever achieve but he makes you realize whats possible and whats been done. I learned that the human body can endure so much more than we put it through on a regular basis and stopping because your tired isn't an excuse, the fact is that you're not mentally strong enough. I don't think this Ted talk will change my behavior only because he was talking about such advanced trips. I think its made me change the way i think about the outdoors and what is possible if you set your heart and mind to it.

Saunders, B. (2015). Why bother leaving the house?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Jun. 2015].

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