Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ueli Gegenschatz: Extreme wingsuit flying -Ted talk

Ueli Gegenschatz: Extreme wingsuit flying
Clayton McWilliams
    Wingsuit jumping is one of the extreme sports being performed today. It’s an unimaginable experience but comes with a great risk of failure, which would most likely lead to death. These thrill seekers start by jumping off cliffs and sailing through canyons at speeds which can be more than 100 mph. In this Ted Talk, Ueli Gegenschatz talks about how and why he performs the sport of wingsuit flying, he also includes some outstanding video footage of him in the air.

In this Ted talk, Ueli explains the different types of skydiving he does. He takes part in skydiving and freefalling in which you jump out of a plane and do tricks in the air, he also does sky surfing which is free falling with a type of board attached to your feet and finally he does wingsuit flying which is flying with a type of suit with ‘’wings’’ attached to your arms and between your legs. He then goes on to talk about some of the things he has accomplished, he has jumped off famous mountains in switzerland and he even skydived off the eiffel tower. Ueli is hoping to set a world record for longest wingsuit flight. Ueli also explains that you have to be in top physical shape to take part in this sport and you also have to have the right equipment, it is not a sport to take lightly.

This Ted talk has inspired me to try new sports like skydiving for example because I believe it would be an amazing experience, it also taught me to set your goals high and don’t expect them to come easy for you, you have to train and practice to reach the highest level you can accomplish. This is a great Ted talk and I recommend you watch it.     

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