Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Medical Miracle on Everest

A Ted Talk
by Ken Kamler

Rating: ****

This is an Ted Talk which I absolutely love. It not only tells the thrilling story of a paralyzed climber somehow making it back alive to camp 3 of Mount Everest, but it also gives a very detailed insight on the medical situation and on the risk & crisis management.

Ken Kamler is a doctor who took part in several expeditions to the summit of Mount Everest. One of those expeditions in 1996 ended in the most tragic disaster of the Everest's climbing history and Kamler happened to be the only doctor on the Mountain. While his Ted Talk is actually focusing on the power of the human mind to regenerate an exhausted body, Kamler is also giving a very detailed insight on medical condition and on the risk & crisis management.
In the beginning the audience learns of the general information about Mount Everest and the expedition. He also includes the different dangers that the Everest climbers have to face during their trip, and builds up to the storm and the miraculous survivor Beth Weathers.
Kamler supports his talk with great photos that give the audience a better idea of the circumstances on Mount Everest. The intense topic of his talk is eased with a little humour in the right places, so that one is walking out of it rather fascinated than terrified.

To me this was a super interesting and thrilling talk as it ties in with two topics that we covered in class. Additionally it gives me context about the medical conditions and the Mt. Everest itself. I learned that with a powerful will anything can be made possible, even the reversing of an irreversible hypothermia. This talk made me realize how important it is to believe in myself, when facing a difficult situation.

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